Software engineer at Google.

At Google, I make Chromebooks more useful by improving the Chrome OS Apps platform and UI.

I recently worked on Chrome's Material Design WebUI redesign, mostly the Settings UI, and helped evolve the Polymer Web Components framework.



Yale University: B.S. Computer Science, 2013


Google Software Engineer Fall 2013 - present

  • Developing the next generation of user experiences with Chrome and Chrome OS. Some past projects:
    • Drove framework and Chrome OS feature set for Material Design Settings from proof of concept to dev channel launch.
    • Expanded Chrome OS multiple-user experience.

Microsoft Software Development Engineer Intern

  • Summer 2012: New features for Windows 8 People app
  • Summer 2011: UI and logic for Windows 8 Calendar app (creating events and sending invites)
  • Summer 2010: UI for Windows Live Messenger

Yale University Peer Tutor Spring 2013 Student Tech ~2010 - 2011


  • Experienced in C, C++, JavaScript, CSS
  • Moderately experienced with Python, PHP, SQL
  • Previous experience includes C# and Java, among others.


Some projects from Yale.

SSK (senior project in machine learning): String Subsequence Kernel for Text Classification

Sphere Killer: Basic shooter game using OpenGL for CPSC 478, Computer Graphics.

Privacy Icons: Prototype privacy icon database extension for CPSC 185, Control, Privacy & Technology.